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    out of context. perhaps...


    when performing a backup of my entire system (59 gb on two partitions) everything went well when I used the microsoft backup utility ( not one care ) except that there was no way to use a network floppy located on a seperate computer.

    completed in apx 3.5 hours.


    these days computers dont even come with floppy drives so the backup itself succeded but no boot disk could be made as I dont have a floppy drive on the computer I was attempting to backup. the backup is useless as

    an emergency backup , but the files can be used to restore from ( if I can get to windows ) to begin with.


    I could not even save the boot disk img file to burn later onto a cd or dvd.


    I tried to use the one care backup and it only had 2% completed after 3 hours.


    ok it sounds a bit like Im having a problem , thats what this forum is for.


    still Im not giving up on Microsoft One Care because this is exactly the type of thing that I have waited for decades

    for Microsoft to do.


    perhaps I can perform a backup using one care to a local file and then move that file to another computer.

    my backup server is where I store backups and all the things I collect from the internet ( downloads ).

    mostly unnecessarry stuff that I filter out when Im bored.


    Who could be better to protect a Microsoft opperating system and who has the resources availiable other than Microsoft !!!!















    Friday, November 23, 2007 1:52 AM


  • Including C:\ in the backup plan still does not back up your system files or programs. The Help text explains what is and what is not backed up by OneCare.


    Yes, the AT&T Security software was likely conflicting and causing your issues. Glad you got that sorted.


    Monday, November 26, 2007 8:08 PM

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  • Only 2% complete in 3 hours sounds wrong for OneCare backup. And I hope you know that the OneCare backup is data only - it cannot do an image restore of the PC.



    Saturday, November 24, 2007 2:39 AM
  • steve:


    I understand that one care does not focus on everything , it focuses on changed files or new files etc...


    I did include the entire c:\ drive and the entire d:\ drive by selecting the option...

    add more files or include more files in one care..


    and yes it was apx 3.5 hours into the backup when I canceled the backup.


    and yes it was only 2% complete.


    I was attempting to do a backup the way microsoft backup does it or did it before xp.

    and I just wanted to see if one care would serve as a good backup program to perform backups to a backup server.


    Im not really concerned with the way the backup portion performs anyway , a simple .bat file can do a full

    backup as well or better in my opinion.


    I like one care for the anti-virus and firewall protection.


    I have just got it to work again , the one I had working was ripped by a at&t security suite I installed over the top of one care.


    actually I dont have the original version 1.5 that was my beta test version because it never would work after the at&t install

    my beta was due to expire in aug 2008... the version Im running now is 2.0 the 90 day trial version.


    I plan on purchasing the new 2.0 subscription because I like it over anything I've seen or tried.


    I still wish sometimes that I would have never stopped building my own opperating systems back in the early 80's

    when win 3.0 came out.


    because if I would have continued to work towards that goal I might have included a controlable winsock version and all of

    these security measures would have never been needed.


    what Im talking about is 65,500 ports ... why?


    but then everything in my pc that stored anything existed on a 5.25 floppy disk.

    before that it resided on a radio shack cassette tape player.


    the second computer that I built was in the late 70's...it would fit in a pack of cigarettes.


    the first was a old telivision set and a few carefully placed wires with momentary switches to dangle lines across the screen.it wasnt a computer as you would think of a computer these days. but when you really think about it

    manupilating pixels on a screen is basicaly what a computer is now.

    you can even control machinery with the light emited from a single computer screen, you could control a entire

    manufacturing plant or even a small city.


    I think I was around 14 or so then in the early 60's


    anyway I just wish I would have kept it up...

















    Monday, November 26, 2007 4:09 AM
  • Including C:\ in the backup plan still does not back up your system files or programs. The Help text explains what is and what is not backed up by OneCare.


    Yes, the AT&T Security software was likely conflicting and causing your issues. Glad you got that sorted.


    Monday, November 26, 2007 8:08 PM

    After uninstalling one care and reinstalling one care

    I still had problems with one care being useable.

    it was running in the background but the user interface was not useable.

    one care was still protecting my computer even though it was not noticeable.


    I tested this by downloading a program or two that has ad ware built into the program.

    and sure enought as I expected one care popped up a dialog box and asked me what I wanted to do about it !!!!


    Great catch...


    Shields up is a web site where you can test your security , they attempt to connect to your box.

    I went to shields up to see if they could see my box... results were completely stealth.

    there was not even a hint that my box was in existence...


    that is the first time that I have ever had that happen at shields up.

    of course they had my IP because I used a browser to test the security.

    and they had a little browser information but other than that NOTHING.


    After calling at&t tech support to inquire about changing my dsl speed , I asked the tech

    about the results I was getting with one care , and then I found the reason why I was having problems.

    the ISP itself was interfering with the performance of one care. I had him to remove the protection they had

    on my account and SHAZAM !!! thats all it took.


    I then piddled around with my unused files a little bit and deleted a few longhorn beta folders from a failed install

    I thought ... and some other stuff trying to get a little free space and no OS on my next restart


    XP was gone , WIN2K was gone , LONGHORN was gone.

    the bios could not even detect drive 0...


    so I wrote another mbr to the c: drive ( where the longhorn beta was )

    this cleared up the space on the drive and made it bootable , writeable , formatable.


    OK ... I had already performed a full backup with microsoft backup XP sp 2

    I backed up both the c: and d: drives on this box to my backup server running the longhorn beta.


    so on this box I formatted the c: drive ( where the beta of longhorn was ) and reinstalled XP.


    I remembered that I did not have a floppy to use to restore my backup but I wanted to have a look anyway.

    so after I set up a connection to my backup server and opened the backup I tried the advanced option in microsoft backup

    and was able to restore whatever I wanted , wherever I wanted , whenever I wanted...


    NICE !!!


    I reinstalled one care and have had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER


    so to end this thread on a high note...


    the floppy would have helped only if I installed a floppy on this box.


    and only if I could have been able to connect to the backup server and open the backup on the backup server

    using only the floppy and the emergency OS on the floppy from this box !!!!





















    Saturday, December 15, 2007 4:29 PM