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  • I recently got a new laptop with Windows 10, and installed Office 2013 on it.  I tried to export a whole folder containing hundreds of emails (some very important) from Windows Live Mail (WLM) to Outlook 2013.  At one point I was offered the choice of exporting to WLM (obviously not what I wanted) or to Microsoft Exchange Account (MEA).  I didn't know what MEA was, but thought it had something to do with Outlook.  I selected this option, and saw a message to the effect that the emails were being exported.  So they were: they disappeared completely from WLM, but didn't appear in Outlook.  (I haven't got a MEA, but I wonder whether the emails are sitting on some sort of MEA cloud, and if so, how I can access them.)

    I have looked in every single email folder I have in both WLM and Outlook, and they are not there.  My daughter, who used to work for Microsoft, and knows her way around, reckons that they have been deleted from the server.  If she is right, might there be any sort of backup where I could recover them?  If she is mistaken, is there any way of finding them and recovering them?

    I shall be very grateful for any help.

    Monday, January 4, 2016 1:14 AM

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