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    1) why is it so fast when copying files? - I dont mean on syncing as In know it will only do the changes but on first time run it was 2-3 times quicker copying my flash drive (about 4gb of data) to my external USB HD for backup then a normal copy / paste


    2) Whan doing a 'run all' can the order of the jobs be changed? - Firstly I take it a 'run all' will do them in the order they are listed and currently my first job copies my Favorites folder to my flash drive and the second copies my entire flash drive to my external HD. If I add another job can I move it to any place in the list?


    3) Why dont I get any errors? - If I right click on my Favorites folder and do Copy then right click on my flash drive and do a Paste after a while I get a popup saying that "The <name> has properties that can not be copies to the new location." Nothing goes wrong using synctoy. I have just looked at one of the shortcuts with the error and on the PC the icon (window set to show 'Large icons') is a small page with a small 'e' in the middle surrounded with a large square, the other shortcuts have a large page with a large 'e'. The copied shortcut is just a large blank page (no 'e').

    Monday, December 22, 2008 1:29 PM

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    in (3) the favorites with the error are the ones with favicons - not really a problem but if those 'errors' are not being flagged what else is synctoy missing?
    Thursday, January 1, 2009 3:15 PM