Fatal flaw in SyncToy re file conflicts? RRS feed

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  • Although I have been using it for years, I have only just discovered that SyncToy (even version 2.1) does not flag up file conflicts (ie files changed on both sides) and appears to overwrite the older file with the newer file - without giving the user a chance to intervene. In my view, this is a fatal flaw in any file synchronisation utility - which even Windows Briefcase did not suffer from. At the very least, I am amazed that this shortcoming is not flagged up clearly in the notes, FAQs etc. I though Microsoft was better than this.
    I wonder if anyone from Microsoft can please comment on this and perhaps let users know if SyncToy will ever be updated to resolve this major problem. However, judging by the way that questions on this forum often go unanswered etc, it would appear that MS has lost interest in SyncToy and is probably now focusing it's synchronisation efforts on cloud related products etc.
    Thursday, March 17, 2011 4:29 PM