Can I use Windows Mobile Device Center as I've used ActiveSync in the past to sync my old SmartPhone? RRS feed

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  • I asked this over at http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2013_release-outlook/can-i-use-windows-mobile-device-center-as-ive-used/60d3b439-30df-4eca-b643-4bc0b183eb8e#LastReply but nobody over there has given me a direct Answer and my searching on the internet also hasn't Answered my Q. So I've come here to ask this:

    I'm somewhat new to using Windows 8.1 and I still Copy my Outlook PST data file onto a flashdrive to take over to my older Windows XP Tablet so that I can ActiveSync my selected Category of Contacts along with the Appointments into my old Motorola MPx220 phone which I think was SmartPhone v1. I've got 5 of them now and I don't text much at all and don't have internet access. It is set up as an AT&T GoPhone with 10¢ calls and 20¢ texts and the base rate is only $7/month.

    But lately when I've plugged the USB cable and cell phone into my new 8.1 PC to charge the battery, it popped these two boxes that make me think that maybe I don't need to do it the old way and that ActiveSync isn't even needed anymore. I'd already found out that it won't work with Windows 8.1.

    On the Windows Mobile Device Center box it says that "Get Outlook Contacts, Calendar, E-mail and other information on your device".
    I'm sure that someone out there can give me a quick Answer as to if it can do that each time and just move anything that I changed on the PC onto the phone. I already use ActiveSync that way as I've decided to NEVER make any changes in the phone itself especially since it has no keyboard so changes are trickier to do.

    I'd also like to ask along with this as it is VERY important to me, if I can use Windows Mobile Device Center for syncing, will there be a Setting in it similar to what ActiveSync has, where I can select that only a certain Category of Contacts is put into my cell phone? I really want this feature since I sure don't need the 100s of Contacts in my cell phone. I created a Category that I named "Cell Sync" and those are the only Contacts that I feel the need to carry around and scroll thru on my cell when trying to find a #.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 11:53 PM