Accessibility problems on the MSDN galory RRS feed

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  • Hello all,

    I figured I would report this now so that I don't forget.  I have noticed some accessibility problems on the galory that I believe should be addressed immediately. I went to search for some contributions demonsstrating ADO.net to be exact, and upon one I found, my hope was thatI could give the author a 5-star rating.  Well, I'd like to tell you though that the rating section is not labeled, so when a user using a screen reader finds it, he/she cannot read the stars to ensure that the right one was clicked since all the screen reader will say is "blank."This is not good for blind users who want to rate author's.  Right now, a user who cannot see the screen and who has to use output from a screen reader can only go on chance the way that the rating system over there is set up right now.  I'm wondering if you could please label the rating system with the appropriate star so that when a user using a screen reader clicks, they know which one they are clicking on in order to ensure that no misrating occurs and that they give the rating they wanted to.  Thanks for listening to this. 

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:37 PM