Tracking the methods/functions of each user request RRS feed

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  • Currently, I am profiling the .Net based application and my requirement is to capture the functions/methods individually executed by parallel users. But by default the profiler gives us the bunch of information that we cannot distinguish user request vs function/method. 

    1. Which users called which functions/methods?
    2. Need the user/request level segregation.

    I need some specific information like, tracing of the Functions/Methods of each user’s request going to the server (IIS). Suppose, there are 5 users accessing the application simultaneously from different location. So here, we are looking for the information like - which users request called/executed which functions or methods.

    USER 1 (IP - xxx.xx.xx.01) – Function A, Function B, Function D
    USER 2 (IP - xxx.xx.xx.02) - Function C, Function F, Function A
    USER 3 (IP - xxx.xx.xx.03) - Function D, Function K, Function J, Function B

    And so on…

    Would it be possible to pull this type of information from VSTS profiler tool? Also wanted to know is there any API available to do the profiling programmatically? Please let me know if I am not clear enough.

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    Monday, May 21, 2018 3:32 PM