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  • I have just recently have been trying to understand my aging xp system enough to troubleshoot the bugs that popup from time to time. I love to troubleshoot only wish I had know how fasinating the system is. Anyway, I have discoverd that for the novice user like myself, knowing how to word the question and using the correct forum is a key to finding answers. I would perfer to get answers from the MS site. Trust reasons. But I get frustrated when I us Microsoft answer forum. I have found my way to the question! A good example is today> I copy and paste -- "error 0x80040154 " I get excited when I see that others have the exact error code and problem as me. But as I scroll down looking for the answer, Im just left hanging. It looks as though the problem was solved.I dont see the answer anywhere! Look for yourself. (http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/fixitcenter/thread/595cb6c5-a7ed-436d-a11d-492474c7853f) But Im confused as to where to go at this point. So if you please follow my steps and tell me what Im doing wrong. I have an error I find in event viewer and the Help and support cant even tell me what (just an example) "MatSvc " is let alone help with my problem. Via Help and Support, I click on MS Forums, then click on XP forums and paste the error code there. I get No answers and have to resort to a search engine, which brought me back to the linc listed above.  I have no doubt your are shaking your head by now.  I have to be going about it wrong. Is there a site set up for a novice like myself, on this subject. Thank you for any support you may give me.There is so much I dont know and want to learn. Thanks

    Friday, August 24, 2012 11:19 PM