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  • I dont know if this is related but for now i can boot my laptop Dell G3 3579 but yesterday I installed Virtual Audio Cable - VB-Audio and uninstalled it without restarting.

    Today i watched some youtubes and the sound was okay but when I opened dota 2 the sound broken/distorted so I restarted my laptop. Upon restarting I was greeted by automatic repair loop. I tried all the options which is:

    -continue (black screeen then turned off)

    -system restore (no backup found)

    -reset (both keep and uninstall personal but encountered problem and wasnt changed)

    -factory image (no factory image was found)

    -uninstalled updates (bot quality and features doesnt work)

    -system image (also not found)

    -startup repair (no changed was made)

    -command prompt (disable recovery doesnt work, srttrail.txt not found, rebuild bcd doesnt work, chkdsk /f /r C:)

    -startup settings (safe mode also black screen then turned off)

    idk if i missed anything but all options doesnt work for me.

    Then I load into bios to check and boot with default which is Windows Boot Manager and again automatic repair tool.

    I tried again but this time again with UEFI: SPCC M.2 PCIe, Partition 1 and it worked. So i restarted to see if anything changed and booted with windows boot manager and still looped so I went into bios and changed the sequence to UEFI first then windows boot manager second. So im asking what the problem is and how to i fix the windows boot manager repair tool loop?

    chkdsk 0 KB in bad sectors

    Idk if this is the correct forum category sorry

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