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  • Hi,

    We developed asp.net website using visual studio 2012 which uses asynchronous calls to db to generate pdf files. It was working fine. The whole process of running SSRS report and generating PDF files takes 4 hours to generate 2000 pdf files. Users start the generation process in web site and they log off. Since it is asynch process, files get generated.

    Now we upgraded to visual studio 2017 and when I run the site, process starts (not sure it is sync or async process). The moment I log out of the site, generation of files stop. In db, session shows that it is not running.

    Here is the code:

    public void GenerateFiles(string TargetFolder, string ScriptsFolder)


                SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString + ";Asynchronous Processing=true");

                SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();

                command.Connection = connection;

                command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;



                    command.CommandText = "StoredProcedure1";

                    command.Parameters.Add("@TargetFolder ", SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = TargetFolder;

                    command.Parameters.Add("@ScriptsFolder ", SqlDbType.VarChar, 1000).Value = ScriptsFolder;


                command.BeginExecuteNonQuery(AsynchronousNonQuery_ClearSessionCallBack, command);


    private void AsynchronousNonQuery_ClearSessionCallBack(IAsyncResult asyncResult)




                    SqlCommand command = asyncResult.AsyncState as SqlCommand;



                    command.CommandText = "uspProcessesClearRunningPortalFunction";

                    command.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;




                catch (Exception e)


                    Logging.LogError(e, e.Message, System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryType.Error);




    Looks like AsynchronousNonQuery_ClearSessionCallBack never gets called. Why is above process not working as async with new .net framework.

    Connection Object Details:

        AccessToken: null
        CanRaiseEvents: true
        ClientConnectionId: {5bf674a0-7ae5-444c-b6fd-b721aa07b2c2}
        ConnectionString: "Data Source=db;Initial Catalog=ds1;User ID=xxxx;Asynchronous Processing=true"
        ConnectionTimeout: 15
        Container: null
        Credential: null
        DataSource: "db"
        Database: "ds1"
        DbProviderFactory: {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientFactory}
        DesignMode: false
        Events: {System.ComponentModel.EventHandlerList}
        FireInfoMessageEventOnUserErrors: false
        PacketSize: 8000
        ServerVersion: "13.00.5366"
        Site: null
        State: Open
        StatisticsEnabled: false
        WorkstationId: "myworkstationID"

    COmmand object:

        CanRaiseEvents: true
        ColumnEncryptionSetting: UseConnectionSetting
        CommandText: "uspSP1"
        CommandTimeout: 30
        CommandType: StoredProcedure
        Connection (System.Data.Common.DbCommand): {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection}
        Connection: {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection}
        Container: null
        DbConnection: {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection}
        DbParameterCollection: {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameterCollection}
        DbTransaction: null
        DesignMode: false
        DesignTimeVisible: true
        Events: {System.ComponentModel.EventHandlerList}
        Notification: null
        NotificationAutoEnlist: true
        Parameters (System.Data.Common.DbCommand): {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameterCollection}
        Parameters: {System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameterCollection}
        Site: null
        Transaction (System.Data.Common.DbCommand): null
        Transaction: null
        UpdatedRowSource: Both

    Wednesday, September 25, 2019 4:49 PM

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