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  • To think that Microsoft is a global company, where consumer expect that they would sync up their services whenever we are, apparently we are wrong.

    Bought a Surface Pro 3 during my trip to Milwaukee and purchased the office 365 last Nov.

    I was informed that it's time for renewal and went online for purchases of renewal licence. As I was based in China, the microsoft web redirected me to the China Microsoft web for purchases. Made the payment and received the activation key, it never seems to work.

    Tried calling PRC Micorsoft customer service and was informed that due to my surface and Office 365 purchase were made in US, I need to revert bakj to US customer service for help. Had my friend in US to speak to the US customer service yet in vain.

    I am getting pissed off buying this surface pro which carry such kind of services, think I'l  switch to the new Ipad Pro, though without the features like surface, at least I don't have to worry about the pain on annual renewal. We are supporting the original software rather than pirated copies, yet the official services are so much worst than the copied ones. Wish some executive from Microsoft would look into this and at least get an answer as to why they are losing shares in the market.

    Just thought that Microsoft is back in business with this cool surface, guess I am wrong. Service level really sucks.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2015 5:59 AM