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  • I have successfully set up Synctoy using windows 7 64 bit and have set up two folder pairs, one for C drive and one for D drive which both sync to a removable HD that I occasionally swap over so I have two copies.

    Everything worked perfectly for about a week and then I noticed that even though it goes through all of its processes it does not make any changes e.g. I renamed 20 folders in a nominated sync directory and there are no changes on my back up drive, none at all. When I run Synctoy I can see that it is original looking for changes in the left folder but then it seems to be looking in the "right folder" which is the backup folder rather than the "left folder" which is the source folder. Why would it start wanting to do this as I have set synctoy to do a one way sync only e.g. left to right.

    The settings I have are as follows;

    Action Echo


    Files to include *  Files to exlude (set to blank)

    Subfolders  Left folder- selected as required  Right folder - seems to match what is selected on the left. I dont know why they should even be selected as its a one way sync right? Its a complex set of folders so please dont ask me to reselect unless necessary.

    Active run for all ü

    Check file contents ü

    Save overwritten files x

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