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  • I’m setting up a new laptop (Windows XP) that is connected to an SBS 2003 server.


    To get a copy of the files and folder over to the laptop from the server I used the echo mode.  In quick spot check, everything appeared fine.


    The following day, in looking at the files more closely (without modify and files or folders), a good amount of files were missing.  Some folders were there, but some of the subfolders were missing.


    I brought the laptop back the next morning and reconnected it to the server and ran PREVIEW of the echo paired folders again.  Not much had changed from the server side, but still the missing folders on the laptop did not indicated that they were not going to copied over from the server.


    I then created a Sync pair of the same folder and ran PREVIEW again.  This time, SyncToy indicated that the original missing files were going to be transferred to the laptop, however a disturbing issue was that SyncToy wanted to modify a number of files and folders from the laptop to the server.  The concern here is that no changes were done on the laptop side except for going into the folders via Windows explorer.


    Please help.

    Monday, May 11, 2009 1:31 PM

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  • Hi -

    Can you check and see if you had any filters setup on the original Echo folder pair that would result in files/subfolders being skipped. Another way of checking this would be to create a new Echo folder pair from the server to a new location on the laptop and let that complete. Check and see if the same thing happened and some files/folders were missed.

    On the synchronize, given that the files were being moved from the laptop to the server. In preview can you check if the size/times on the files are the same? Did you copy those files for any reason by any other mechanism other than sync? What are the filesystems on both your laptop andrver?

    Deepa ( Microsoft Sync Framework)
    Wednesday, May 13, 2009 12:50 AM