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  • Good afternoon again, and thank you in advance for your time and help with this issue.

    I have a more 'non-standard' setup here for a SOHO than most.  due to my needs I have a router config that is cascaded, (the ISP provides a router/modem however it is not Gigabit and I require gig speeds on my internal network due to the size and volume of files I move around my network), so therefore I had to cascade the routers in order to give my internal network internet access while at the same time maintaining my network speeds to my nodes inside the LAN.

    WHS is setup fine, I have a domain registered and i can ping it and it talks back from the outside.  It will, however, not verify and states that 'remote access is not available'.

    For an overview of the network, this is how it is setup:

    Internal Router is a Linksys WRT610N 4 port gig: (gateway)

    cascaded to a 2Wire 3800HGV-B (provided by the ISP ATT U-Verse which acts as DNS and the route to the Internet)

    single port  out of the 2Wire into the WAN connection on the back of the Linksys and all is fine for access out. (ie, ive never had an issue running anything, including nonstandard ports)

    on the Linksys WRT610N i have made sure i am forwarding the 3 ports (80, 443, 4125 tcp/udp) to the WHS machine, but again, I can ping from the outside and get a reply, but I do NOT have remote access from the outside.

    from the Inside I can hit it, and I can authenticate and see the server.  (I get a bad certificate issue, but I can make an exception and still get in, so that seems like, while an issue, not my connectivity issue from the outside).

    Again, thank you in advance for any help on this.  I am at a loss as to what I may be missing, but my guess is, since i can ping, the issue I am having is going to make me smack myself on the forehead once its seen.

    Appreciate the guidance!

    Monday, April 13, 2009 5:44 AM



    found a solution with this by putting the internal router into the 'public dmz' (dmzPlus) of the ATT unit.  in essence killing two birds with one stone.  removed issues with collisions between the units, and have a single point of contact for dealing with firewall issues.

    cert issue has gone away too.  so go figure.

    would love if a mod or someone who is more familiar with WHS could tell me the *why* behind the certs now working right too?

    thanks again in advance for any help and insight.

    Monday, April 13, 2009 6:50 AM