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  • This post is to share my experiences with a couple recent projects in ICE (64-bit). In short I am seeing three problems.1) ICE creating artifacts (for lack of a better word) during the stitch, 2) ICE seeming to shift exposure values across the stitch, and 3) Color management, or color shifts occurring in the stitch. 

    I would be happy to share any information that is pertinent about equipment, my capture process, raw conversion, and ICE import/stitch process. 

    Creating Artifacts: Never did I see older versions of MICE create 'artifacts' during the stitch process. I've marked the artifacts below with arrows and ovals. The arrows are pointing to small, rectangular, de-saturated shapes that appear in the final stitch. The ovals surround diagonal streaks of moderately de-saturated streaks in the grass. All artifacts seem to reoccur at somewhat regular intervals across the image. The second image is a 1:1 crop of both areas. 

    Exposure Blending and Color Management: I always thought one of the better qualities of MICE was its ability to blend exposures (if needed), and the new ICE claims to have automatic exposure blending. What I find really frustrating about this problem is all of my original exposures (straight from the camera) were matched exposures to begin with - I am quite meticulous in that matter. Furthermore, I ensure all exposures have matching exposure value and white balance through my raw conversion. This stitch was created using 29 portrait-oriented frames with well over 50% overlap. The arrows in this image show panels that seem to occur in the stitch where the exposures in each panel vary from left to right. Again, these panels seem to occur at regular intervals and are sized relatively the same. The apparent size of these panels do not, in any way, correspond with the overlap of the images I imported into ICE. Additionally, the blues in the sky in each of the lighter panels is way off. 

    I sincerely hope to continue using ICE for my panoramic projects and would greatly appreciate any input that anyone may have on these issues.


    Kevin Childress


    Thursday, July 23, 2015 8:28 AM

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  • After switching from version 1.4.4 to 2.0.3 after it became available, I noted also one point mentioned in this thread.

    It concerns the color management. I have encountered many examples of landscape shots where the blue skies after stitching showed a strong color shift towards green. Please note this: the color shift is very visible on the left and right side of the panorama, the center part seems mostly unaffected. This is shown nicely in the third picture example in Kevin Childress' post.

    I have not been able to pin down any particular reason for this behaviour. Sometimes it shows up when stitching just 3-4, sometimes the color shift shows up when stitching ten to fifteen shots. And in some examples, it does not show up at all.

    In ICE version 1.4.4, there was a similar tendency to discoloration, but the magnitude was so low that one had to really search for it.

    A comment to the used equipment: I always use a circular polarizer when making landscape shots and know of the effects when changing the angle to the sun. Don't know if this influences the color management in ICE. Also, I work with jpg's only.

    I have now switched back to version 1.4.4, which is unfortunate as I miss the panorama completion feature which was working quite well.

    Maybe others have similar experiences?

    A final point regarding version 2.0.3: is there any solution forthcoming for the "no preview available"-problem after stitching a few panoramas?


    Kai Coole

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:37 PM