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    My home network (not home group) is extremely and unexplainably erratic.  It works for a few days, sometimes weeks (rarely) in order to go silent for days or, more often for weeks.  After a week or two it comes back, and the cycle repeats.  My computers communicate through Wi-Fi provided by very reliable Apple AirPort router connected through DPC3010 Cisco Modem to 50 MB cable.  It looks like the Wi-Fi is quite reliable since I never have problem with an access to Internet on any of my four computers at home. 

    The text that follows is optional for you to read.  Although it looks like pure complains of an unsatisfied MS client it also shows the technical difficulty of the issue.  It shows that even if I am totally dumb, I am not alone.   MS technical team perfectly matches, or even supersedes my ignorance. 

    Last year I subscribed to a quite expensive MS service (provided by Microsoft).  Except the first call, during which a clever guy setup my home group, and made me pretty happy for a week, the service was worse than bad.  The setup of my home group didn’t last long.  Thea erratic behavior of my network started a few weeks after the initial setup.  I called MS Service four of five times during last year.  Each time illiterate and hardly speaking English agents kept me on line two to three hours wasting my time.  Whatever they were doing indicated that they had no deep understanding of the issue.  They were almost blindly executing tests, which I had done earlier by myself and informed them about the results of these tests.  The most amazing thing is that none of them got interested in this very strange behavior of the software.  If I was one of these technicians I would acknowledge that the challenge was too big for me, recognize the importance of the issue and elevate the problem to the highest possible design engineering group of MS.  

    Thursday, May 26, 2016 6:12 PM