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  • long story short, lots of problems with wd ear drives (1.5 and 2.0TB) (yes they are jumpered across 7&8). So i decided to remove them. Lots of space to remove them so i started with the 2.0 drive which was about 40% full. The remove status bar shot to about 95% complete and then stayed there forever (i gave up about after something like 36hrs!). This cant be normal can it? So I powered down and removed it anyways and added a new 1.5 eads drive. Powered up, tried removing the ears 1.5 drive. This time the indicator slowly moved but i left it for days. I came back, there was no message but the hdd's werent flashing. No idea if the drive removal was successful or not. Now i have two drives showing as missing with conflicts. I am trying the removal again of the 2.0 drive. Again the status indicator went to 95% after a few minutes and is now stuck again there for hours. Task mgr shows CPU about 25% busy (AMD 620X4) but there is no program running according to task mgr that is using 25% cpu?


    THis is extremely frustrating. Is this removal process this slow (as in multiple days?)


    appreciate any help.



    Dave Mayhew
    Tuesday, March 8, 2011 2:22 AM