MOC is randomly signing out users because of 401 unauthorized RRS feed

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  • The next morning when we come in, some of us have been signed out of MOC, while others are still signed in.  We have enabled logging in MOC and we can see that sometime during the night (and not at the same time for all the users who have been effected) that MOC is trying to refresh our REGISTRATION and we get eventually get a 401. 


    What is noticably different in the logs is the REGSITER that fails does not have the Proxy-Authorization header initially and then we get a 401 and then we'll send our creds using kerberos and we get a 200 OK.  But then a few minutes later we go through the same process again and this will go on for about 5 attemps and then it will stop and we'll be signed-out. 


    We are going to switch over to NTML only tonight to see if something is up with Kerberos, but we have no indication there is a problem (looking in the event logs).


    Anyone else seeing this behavior?





    Tuesday, September 25, 2007 8:12 PM