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    We have an existing sync implementation that works well.  It is built on sync 2.1 using the SqlSyncProvider.  It currently supports one application built on our custom framework.  The application and framework both have databases (actually, one database, two different schemas, as in DB.framework.table and DB.application.table).  There are rows in the application schema that have foreign keys to rows in the framework schema.  The deployment model is a central 'server' with several 'clients' (all are running Sql Server, not CE).  The clients actually perform the sync operations.

    Now we want to add another application in to the mix (call it application2) which will have its own schema.  There will be foreign keys from its schema to the framework as well.

    Here's the issue:  The 'server' would have all of these schemas, but some 'clients' would have only one or the other application schema, some would have both.  I know from experience that to handle the foreign key relationships I need to have one scope with all related tables.  But to support the above this would seem to imply I need different scopes depending on what is installed on the clients.  But that would mean that the server would have multiple scopes covering the same tables, and I think this won't work.  Am I correct?  If so, are there any thoughts on how this could be handled?


    Friday, February 3, 2012 3:53 PM


  • you can have multiple scopes against the same tables. however, you have to make sure the scopes has the same set of columns for each table. also, make sure to check the docs for notes on overlapping scopes.
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