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  • I have installed CRM, ADFS and done all the configurations. Finally I tried to access the website internalcrm.[domain].com but I get a prompt to login. I understand I should not get such a prompt. Note that both CRM and ADFS are installed on the same server. CRM is on 443 and ADFS on 444 (I changed the port of the default website to 444 before installing ADFS). I found a thread that had a few points to check out and all of them are fine:

    • Did you properly install the wildcard certificate from a 3rd party cert auth? Self signed certificates have given me nothing but headaches.
    • Is AD FS 2.0 installed on the Default Website?
    • Is CRM set up for HTTPS bindings and IIS site set up as well (using port 443)? These need to match, so go into IIS and confirm these are the same in IIS as they are in the Deployment Manager.
    • Did you create a DNS Record for the AD FS Server name?
    • Can you browse to the AD FS Metadate file without certificate issues? If so, where did you install the Wildcard Certificate?
    • Did you grant Read permissions to the Certificate using the same service account that runs under the CRMAppPool (typically this is Network Service, but if it's something else, you'll need to add it, then grant Read Permissions

    The addresses on the deployment manager ar all internalcrm.[domain].com:443. The URL https://sts.[domain].com:444/federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml works when I enter it in IE. DNS entry for sts points to [computername].[domain].local

    Any input is appreciated.

    Friday, March 2, 2012 12:09 AM

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