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    I have created a workflow that creates a meeting appointment based on a meeting date attribute in the client. It also creates all of the tasks that lead up before and follow up after the meeting- (print materials, prepare, follow up phone call, etc.)

    The problem I am having is that some of these events are scheduled for 1 day before and after the meeting. If the meeting is on a monday or friday, the prep or follow up tasks get scheduled on a weekend. After some research, I have created some jscript for the onLoad(); and onSave(); functions for tasks and appointments that will check to see if it is scheduled for a weekend and then assign it to the following monday. But, when these tasks are created by the workflow, these functions do not run. You have to manually open and save the tasks that land on weekends. Is there a way to make workflows call a script on a task or appointment, or some other solution to this problem?

    I am relatively new to CRM 4, thanks for the help!

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010 2:19 PM


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