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  • I am submitting this idea to you, and hope you'll be able to get this idea out as soon as possible! I Zachary Donner is dyslexic.  This is a classified learning disability.  This disability affects me through reading and math.  And math I can be looking at 53 and see 35.  My idea is to involve an application that can be put on computer and cellular devices.

    1<sup>st</sup>. The idea creating a program and Android or windows cellphone application.  That can scan books or other materials with text on it.  Then will be able to read out loud to you.

    2<sup>nd</sup>. My second idea is to be able to take pictures of math problems than to change the colors of the numbers.  For example 5 + 6 = 11…  The five will show up in red, the plus sign can show up in green, the 6 could show up in yellow, the = sign may show up in orange and up in the 11 in blue.

    The methods of using other colors is and to trick the brain in seeing a problem but thinking it is a image. This help the my with my math learning

    3<sup>rd</sup>.  Memory games are very important for the Dyslexia people to learn.  We’ve already got in memory but we must exercise. 

    Now I must say the Microsoft Corporation has helped me a lot.  You created Microsoft word and The Windows Speech Recognition program is a lifesaver when I go do my college papers.  I hope you taking my ideas very seriously and I look forward to hearing a response soon.  A struggle every day with this disability.  And teachers I know had experience with kids who has such disabilities, and would always tell me they dropped out at a high school and never made it to college.  I work so hard just to keep my grades above a C and I’m at a Jr college. If they apps were possible I believe I would be able to do so much better. I researched my disability and figured out my weakness in areas. I will not give up on education and I encourage and Microsoft who is the l and the leading Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access programs in the school system you give college kids discount on your products as well.  And I know you like to help people who struggle day to day basis of education.  I hope what I have put here today will change tomorrow! Thank you please reply to me at azalert@hotmail.com and azalert2@live.com I have an xbox live account as well and would love to use Kinect if you need more information. I been tested by Georgia southern University I’m in the Trio program at Independence community college in Independence Kansas. I use microvolt products and would like to see these new features and apps

    My address is 212 sandalwood cir, Brunswick, Georgia 31525 and my home phone is 912-264-4148

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012 7:53 AM