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  • Is there a script to show me the last login time for all domain users?  I'm not interested in how long they stayed logged in and when they logged out.

    I need to know when the last time they logged in was, so I can make rational decisions about which accounts to lock out without impacting active users.

    I've just come into an environment and there are no locked accounts, hundreds of logins and only 50 or so local users.  So I can attempt to secure things, I need to know which users are active, so I can start securing logins and eliminating some vulnerabilities, while minimizing the impact to active users.


    Yes, I searched for "how do I find the last login time in AD" in answer to your snark.  All I could find at the time was singleton and I needed to find it for 200 logins.  So yes, I could have gone it with the attribute editor and gotten everyone and added it to an excel sheet, but that's not what I was looking for.  It's also not necessary to be a jerk when someone with less experience is asking a question.  I'll remember that the next time you ask a database question.
    "Shows no research effort."  Whatever.  I searched for an answer to that question for several days before I posted.  But thanks for your "help" anyway.

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