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  • hi i have the Easy store 340  i have 4 2 TB hard drives  they Raided and Duplicated

    now i having problems with 2 of the drives,  so i rebooted and now it doesnt boot up  so whats it doing   since these comps have no monitor support

    its booted up a few times in past but now its not as i was doing the Western digital diganostic  so i couldnt stop it it crashed the system so i did hard reboot and now it cant boot  its got all blue lights  the network the hard drive and the I   so is it trying to reconstruct itself?    can i remove a bad drive and slide a blank one in and it will cure the problem till i slide another one in since i down 2 drives? 

    what my options i cant loose the data

    Saturday, February 25, 2012 12:32 PM

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  • and they raided to give me 8TBs but i have duplicated File Folders on
    Saturday, February 25, 2012 12:34 PM
  • one more question is  if and when i get my server running again and fix the drives

    these are the raided (DATA) drives   what if the first hard drive has issues the boot up drive  that is partitioned with 20GB boot up and rest is D: drive DATA which is raided with the other 3 hard drives what happens then?  how can i uninstall the first drive  and change it if its the one with the OS on it for future referenced and if its a problem is that resolved in Home server 2011?

    Saturday, February 25, 2012 2:02 PM
  • First, Windows Home Server doesn't use RAID. Duplication simply stores two copies of files in shares flagged to be duplicated on separate hard drives, so that your files won't be lost if a single hard drive fails. In your case, you seem to have two hard drives fail; it's almost certain that you will lose some data, and possibly quite a lot.

    The general method of recovering from a failed DATA drive is to remove the drive physically, replace it, add the new drive to server storage, and let Windows Home Server sort things out. If the failed drive is your system drive, you should replace the drive and then follow the procedures in the documentation you received with your server to perform a server recovery (not a factory reset). With multiple failed drives, one of which is the system drive, I would pull the system drive and the other failed drive at the same time, replace the system drive, and go through the server recovery process. After that completes (it can take a very long time if you have a lot of data, possibly a couple of days), worry about installing a new drive to replace the other one that failed.

    You should also read this FAQ, with the understanding that you have a much higher probability of losing data, even data in duplicated shares. And you will almost certainly lose your backup database.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

    Sunday, February 26, 2012 2:35 AM