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  • If anyone in here can do a script-like program in C, I have one that I wrote years ago that reads like a 1980's problem in college introductory BASIC.  I lost the final source for this; especially stupid since a Programming Dept TA entered a couple commands correctly for me, thus debugging it.  I think Borland was used, and it was set to perform some interactive compiling mode that I never knew about. 

    Its all on my website www (dot) actsrevolt (dot) com

    Data_REG is used by PB.exe to output formatted text PB.wri and PB2.wri

    PB.c is provided with 170 lines of simple code that I must be too old too debug; caffeine just doesn't work on me like that anymore.

    If you have a USBank account, I will transfer $50 for a correctly-running EXE that can process the first 50 numbers (Data_REG will have to be added to), and an additional $25 for the source code.  The source provided has no output formatting, so including that I will make it $100 total.  Not bad for script work that a Grad can do as easily as writing a paperback book summary.  If another payment form is required, you will have to specify, as that may add complication to either of us.

    (Add Edit: My www is GoDaddy, has been the same for years; comes with an email.  We can be more cautious abt this if you feel more comfortable.  Yes, ppl thro their bank Acct numbers around like candy wrappers, with no benefit to bad actors.) 

    Thanks for any **helpful** replies.

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  • I'm guessing you won't find many people willing to post their bank account number here, but perhaps this kind of thing would work for you or get you started:



    Sunday, June 13, 2010 12:12 PM
  • Well, I suppose it's POSSIBLE that all the coders who read this forum are helpless kittens.  Sure, webmasters are beholden to remind their users that the internet can be a little like the Old West.  I just thought there might be one competent C programmer who wants to be seen as self-confident and unabashed in the face of (an admittedly ordinary) technical challenge.  It seemed odd to me that any scammer would pony up $100 just for a moonshot chance of getting into someone's  temporary bank account to get it back, if even that.  Shucks,.... SLIMED again, by the good ol' US of A!
    Sunday, June 20, 2010 1:46 AM
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