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  • I find the organization of the forums here to be confusing, at least for my purposes. They seem to be determined by internal Microsoft distinctions and not user-oriented. I'm specifically referring to the forums for Microsoft Office/Excel.

    I'm an advanced user of Excel--but not an official "developer." I do some advanced work in VBA, but I don't sell or publish my work, and I'm not an Excel MVP.

    I understand (now) that Microsoft has created different forums for novices (e.g., Office users) and experts/professionals (e.g., Office developers). Sometimes my questions fall in one category, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

    Let me give you an example of how this recently tripped me up.

    Last time I logged in, and looked at "My Threads," I couldn't find the most recent question I asked.

    After a bit of frustration, I eventually figured out that I had posted a technical Excel question to the MSDN Excel forum. However, this time I was logged into the Microsoft Office Forum (or whatever the more novice forum is called).

    This makes no sense to me...I logged into a Microsoft forum using exactly the same Windows Live ID I used when l logged in before posting my prior question. Why didn't I get a list of all my threads, regardless of which forum type the thread was posted in? What's the point of having a single log-in when it acts as if you are a different person depending on which screen you log-in from?

    Anyway, my wish is to have a single forum "portal" for Excel questions...and from there I can choose among subforums. The distinction between "Excel Office User" and "Excel MSDN Developer" is an artificial one as far as I'm concerned. (I accept, however, that it may not be for other Excel users.)

    Just thought I'd provide the feedback. I think it points to the difficulty facing tech companies--how does one think about a problem/solution from the point of view of the user and not from the point of view of the company org structure or its revenue stream.

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