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  • Did you see the film Night at the Museum? Do you like to have a travel to the museum? Museum is a place which collects and cares for objects of scientific, artistic, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits. History museum can be a good place for learning history knowledge.

    Last week, I visited the museum which showed the history of our city. Many historical relics were exhibited in the museum such as ancient coins, historical costumes, historical weapons ,etc. The guide told us each object had its story. As we would not stay long enough in the museum to learn all stories, is there some better way for us to learn more? An idea flashed through my mind: why not share some DVD movies and provide the visitors some DVD discs about history of the objects in the museum.

    There is a presentation about the history of jeans: http://www.slideshare.net/daniMD/the-history-pf-jeans. It clearly and vividly shows the history of jeans to you from this slide show. If it can be burned to DVD, there are many benefits you will find out.

    Benefits for a history DVD disc:

    1. Easy for distribution

    Museum could distribute the DVD discs as gifts to visitors when they purchase the entrance tickets.

    2. Exhibit in the museum

    Displaying on the museum TV to explain the history might make the museum more interesting and make the past history easy to understand.

    3. Long preservation and wide sharing

    DVD disc can be preserved for a long time and you may play it where is a TV set and DVD player.

    Believe it or not, you just need PowerPoint and a PowerPoint to DVD converter to make a stunning history DVD disc.

    Make a history PowerPoint presentation

    1. Select a history PowerPoint template

    Download some free templates from template website and you can also make a template related to the subject by yourself following these steps: Open PowerPoint Program | View | Slide Master. Paste the picture you want to set as the main background. After that, click Close Master View.

    2. Put the history content onto the presentation

    Aim at your objects and put the corresponding history content into presentation. The content may include when this object was born, the purpose of this object, and the long development from ancient to nowadays, etc.

    3. Add some multimedia into the presentation

    Adding some multimedia files into presentation could enrich your demonstration. And I suggest you record some narration by yourself into the presentation. Click Insert | sound | Record Sound.

    4. Insert animations to presentation

    In our mind, history is invested with an air of mystery. You could learn some knowledge about ancient life, and it is an interesting idea to insert some animations into the presentation. Animations can make your presentation more attractive and mysterious. So wonderful!

    Burn your PowerPoint presentation to DVD discs

    This is the last step to make a history DVD discs. In this step, all you need is just a PowerPoint to DVD converter. After the conversion, you can directly play the DVD on the museum TV and distribute them to visitors to spread the history knowledge.

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 6:24 AM