Why Microsoft and Rewards accounts, Trusted/Intranet Sites, won't work correctly with Enable Protected Mode turned ON (W-8.1Pro IE11options)? RRS feed

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      Title summarizes the majority of my problems. Basically what happens, or what I should say doesn't happen, is that the links won't work (no hand shows up), if the page has a block for text entry and has a pull-down arrow on the side (like a choose-your-state box) or even a page with login and password simply will not work until I un-check the Enable Protection box if that site page is in either the Intranet or Trusted sites' list.  I tried posing this question to the Rewards support team but they seem to think that I have my profile set up wrong... but my husband and son say they have the same problem a lot of the time and they have to turn that box 'off' then back 'on' before they sign off.  Another thing that gets me is that THIS computer (our home PC) is Not on any of our Accounts "Devices" lists... and cannot* be added - and no one can seem to help with that yet either.

    Thanks for reading this, and please point me to the right forum if you can.



    Wednesday, May 23, 2018 8:38 PM


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