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    Our product has the following special requirements regarding data sync. Could you please tell me how you can achieve these using MS sync services for ADO.NET?

    1. During merging a data row, re-calculate one of the column (e.g. CRC) value before committing the changes;
    2. Treating some column combination as another unique identifier for the merging besides the DB primary key(s), i.e. where can I plug in custom logic to force merge two data rows with different primary keys into one? This is similar to how you track filename change in SyncToy.
    3. Specify portions of data for the data sync. i.e., How can I specify this filtering criteria on top of the change tracking during runtime?
    4. Can the change tracking be done without modification to the table schema in SQL Server 2008 compact edition?
    5. In general, how to handle data time zone changes for a traveling client? What if the client PC's date time is way out of sync from the server clock?


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