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  • I need to report a bug in Windows 7 but don't know where to do this.

    My system: Dell M1530 laptop, Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium. Bios: A12 (Latest version). All other drivers are latest version. I don't run any server so I don't know why the error message is mentioning server. I run a wireless connection to my router, so is another laptop, I also have a PS3 connected to the same router through ethernet.

    Details about bug:

    After I awake my laptop from Hibernate or even Sleep, Windows Media Player 12 fails to open any media files. This happens sometimes but not always. After clicking say an MP3 file, the curser turns into the circular shape to say loading. After about 2 minutes an error message appears which is shown below. Sometimes the error message reads something like: 'The process failed to load'.

    I have tried reinstalling Windows 7 four times but this behaviour still occurs. Interestingly, I even tried to install 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate which still displays the same behaviour. Logging out and in doesn't solve the problem, only a system reboot does.


    Thursday, April 8, 2010 10:26 PM