Pirate Copy Works, Legitimate Copy Does Not. RRS feed

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  • Hello Folks,

    I'm very confused and extremly lost as to who I need to contact here. Just recently I decided that I would be a good boy and purchase a "LEGITIMATE" copy of Windows XP Pro. I also have a Legit copy of Vista, however there were programs I wanted to run that didn't agree in Vista so made the decision to shelf Vista and go back to XP for awhile.

    Now the problem is, the "Legit" copy of XP, will not install on my system. I've tried messing with Bios, pulling hardware and got nowhere. In bios I did have to enable some options in RAID to get the cd to boot, but during the installation the system just doesn't seem to want to take it.... Soooooo I scrounged around my cd box and found a ::GASP:: Pirated copy of XP pro, I popped it in the system and it went on installing like there was nothing to it. I had no issues during the installation process.. What I can't understand is why the pirated copy works, and the legit copy does not.  Anyway. When it got to the point in the process where it asked for the product key in the "Pirated Copy" I put in the key from the Legit copy and it accepted it just fine. So my system works fine now, however there's the problem of the Windows Activation.  Am I not able to activate it because I used a pirate copy, EVEN THOUGH my product key was from the "Legit" copy of XP?.. 

    Monday, June 30, 2008 2:00 AM