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  • I was looking on the MSDN Academic Alliance Website and noticed that when students acquire a license for the software under this program that the license "never" expires.

    "Whether your school department has chosen an Online (downloads-only) subscription or an Online+Media subscription, you are able to obtain free Microsoft software with a license that never expires—even after you graduate!"


    About a year ago, I took a Computer Science course at an eligible state University.  During the course, I acquired a license for what I believe to be VS2008 Pro (or maybe VS2005 Pro); unfortunately, I have upgraded computers since course termination and in the process deleted the original software installation from my old computer.

    Since my license "never expires" can I now reinstall the mentioned product onto my new computer provided I can find the originally downloaded file and license keys?  I only wish to use the VS2008 Pro Academic Alliance product for non-profit, recreational development of open source software and I am disturbed by the fact that Microsoft will not be releasing a Standard Version of VS2010.

    It seems that the only decent C++ compiler that is freely available these days is GCC and I have a slight disagreement with RMS right now...


    Sunday, April 18, 2010 4:26 AM