Using Crosstab query with concatenated field rather than a value. RRS feed

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  • I have a spreadsheet with 5 fields of user information.  The first three fields have repeated information for the same user.  The fourth field contains a repository they have access to and the fifth field lists the groups they are in in that repository:

    Name        Address         Phone          Repository        Group

    Jane Doe   jdoe@co.net   555-1212     REP1                Group1
    Jane Doe   jdoe@co.net   555-1212     REP1                Group2
    Jane Doe   jdoe@co.net   555-1212     REP2                Group3
    Jane Doe   jdoe@co.net   555-1212     REP2                Group4

    I can do a crosstab query to get the repository info in the column headings but I cannot figure out:

    1.  How to use place a contenation of the groups in the value field of the query rather than a specific value (first, last, sum, count).
    2.  How to contenate the information in that field.

    This is what I want to be an end result:

    Name        Address         Phone          REP 1                      REP2

    Jane Doe   jdoe@co.net   555-1212     Group1, Group 2       Group3, Group 4

    Please help.  I am really late in figure this out and I have tried everything.



    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 5:39 PM