Standby problems after installing PP1 RRS feed

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  • Let me start of by saying I'm very -very- happy with the performance boost PP1 gives me! Good job WHS team!


    But unfortunatly I'm experiencing something I really don't like: My systems will not go to S3 standby anymore after the backup while they have been doing this always without a glitch, when running the beta, the RC and the pre-pp1 RTM.


    I have two Mac Mini's running Vista Ultimate as pure Media Centers, no keyboards or mouse attached and running nothing else but a clean Vista install. They are on 24/7 and never had a problem with going to sleep after they woke up for a scheduled task (downloading guide information or backup)


    I've looked in the eventviewer and the last entries I see before I would expect it to go to sleep again is a succes message for the backup followed by a message saying the VSS service is stopped because of an inactivity timeout in the Application log, after that nothing is logged until I start watching the morning news.


    I have two questions:


    1. Does anybody else have this problem?


    2. Does WHS log an attempt to put the system back to the state it was in before the backup started?





    Tuesday, June 17, 2008 9:01 PM

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