Color Change Problem In ICE RRS feed

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  • New to ICE, not new to photo editing. I have B&W and color .jpg page files of photos and art originally made for a PDF issue. There are a large number of pairs of files for double page spreads, with no overlap in the images. I am using ICE to stitch the pairs together. The pairs are closely matched in tone and color and are each 1056 X 1499 pixels, with the resulting joined image twice that. I am using 64 bit Windows 10, quad core CPU, with a NVidia video board.

    I use ICE set for Structured Panorama, with overlap set at 1% horizontal and search radius 0. This results in perfect, seamless edge matching of the pair of files. ICE successfully joined (merged) over 80 pairs of files perfectly. Then the following problems started for both color and B&W images.

    Now when first displaying images to be joined side by side in Import, the ICE program first shows them with identical tone and color to the originals, as before. In the next step, Stitch, ICE has started showing the image on the left lighter than the original and the one on the right darker than the original. That very obvious opposite image density (luminosity) change remains in the exported joined files, making them useless though the edges are perfectly matched.

    Closing and opening ICE has no effect on this problem and neither does shutting down the computer and re-starting. Is anyone familiar with this problem and its fix?
    Sunday, November 22, 2020 12:54 AM