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  • At various times, frequently, when my computer is running I receive this message:
    "Security Warning:  The current webpage is trying to open a site in your trusted sites list.  Do you want to allow this?
         Current site:  http://www.abcsearch.com
         Trusted site:  res://ieframe.dll
    Warning:  Allowing this can expose your computer to security risks.  If you don't trust the current webpage, choose NO."
    I always choose "NO" but now and then the pop-up message continually appears again. 
    I've run One Care virus scanner (it ran for approximately 24hours or more) but it has not changed anything. 
    I also get this pop-up continually.  There is an arrow pointing at an icon, tab or some other part of the screen and it says:
    "This tab has been recovered.  A problem with Internet Explorer has caused IE to close this tab."   
    Thirdly, every time I download my email messages in Outlook, before the download completes I have to sign in and give my password.  This never happened before.  I don't know why it started to happen. 
    And fourthly, (is fourthly a word?) at start-up a message comes on saying Internet Explorer did not close properly when it was last opened.  The message then asks me if I want to start IE anew or go back to the web page I was on before IE did not close properly.  The thing is IE closed down just fine the last time I used it and I did not want to go back to any previous web page and I did not even want to open IE at that time of my computer just starting up and going to the desktop.    
    Thanks,   Frank C. 
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