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  • I have currently been using Vista 64bit home edition for about 4 months now.  I am getting to the the point where i feel that the money that i spent for the OS was a complete waste, as i should have purchased a standard 32 bit version of XP.  I built this computer my self, its a 2.8 ghz 64 bit X2 processor 2 gigs of ram 8600GTS video card, with supporting hardware.

    this computer should be blazing fast, it meets and exeedes all of vistas requirements.  The problem is that its a terrible os, no matter what i do none of my most used programs work, or barely work, game fps is terrible.  Id rather have windows 3.11 again, thats how bad this os sucks.  I have run tests on the harddrive, ram, and video card, and have no problems.  everything runs cool, yet i still have a slow and poorly running machine.

    the only thing that would pacify me would be a copy of windows XP home, pro, doesnt matter, as I feel ripped off by purchasing a infeirer product, that is marketed to be remakably beter than XP.

    you can email me at srfnscubamunkey@gmail.com

    thanks for any input, consideration, and even your time.  but not for your sorry operating system.
    Saturday, December 8, 2007 2:40 AM


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