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  • It appears that the forum will keep a user signed in for a fixed period of time, I'm thinking 24 hours. When that period expires, the My Forum Links area reverts to its generic state and lists "Sign In" as an option. Only a new sign-in starts the clock running again.

    This can lead to peculiar results. For example, I arrived today to view unread posts. I looked at the list, decided not to read anything, and clicked Mark All Read. The spinner appeared and I waited, but it never cleared. I eventually refreshed the page, whereupon I found myself signed out. Upon signing in, I found the same unread posts.

    My guess about this is that my time expired between the time I arrived at the forum and the moment I decided to mark all read. That appears to have put the forum into some unstable state.

    I suggest that the sign-in timer be set to something smaller, like 4 or 8 hours, and that it reset every time I do something within the forum. That means as long as I'm active in the forum I won't be signed out in the middle of an operation but I'll be signed out once I've been idle for the allotted time.


    Baltimore, MD USA -
    Monday, April 26, 2010 4:34 PM