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  • I just got through working with Simon on the Help Desk and, as always, the final solution to any problem is to reinstall Windows One Care.  I did but this is the third time since I installed WOC that I had to reinstall.  The following is what I sent to Simon but I hope someone from Microsoft reads it.  They are close to losing a customer.


    Simon - Reinstalling seem to do the trick.  It looks like it is running fine.  However, this is the third time I have had to reinstalled your program.  Every time I have a problem, the suggestions are not to fix a file but ultimately reinstall everything.  I don't remember doing this with any of my prior security programs.  I don't think you folks realize that we in the field have responsibilities too and spending an hour or two reinstalling a program impacts our productivity.  It is not just the time to reinstall, but your program goes into the virus scan, performance and backup programs as if they were just installed.  This also ties up our computers for another two or three hours.  I am seriously going to look for another program that is easier to work with than Windows One Care.  Maybe you are trying to do too much with one program.
    Suggesting reinstall may be easy for your staff but it really has serious implications for the customer.

    Friday, September 19, 2008 6:34 PM