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  • Hi I am looking at attending a local community college for technical training in IT it is supposed to get me ready for some microsoft certs.  I need 10 of these questions answered / I made up the last 2 of the 12 listed.  I need them answered to be accepted into the training program.

    1) Does your job have any special requirements such as travel, shift work, special licences etc?

    2)What qualifications, skills, and personal characteristics would you seek in an ideal candidate for your job?

    3) How many openings do you anticipate or do you see an increase in your type of position in the next years?

    4)How many job applicants would you anticipate per job opening?

    5)What is your entry level wage?

    6) How did you get into this line of work?

    7) What do you like most about it?

    8) what do you like least about it?

    9) What is the most important attribute or skill needed in this field?

    10) How many people are employed where you work or a related position?

    11) Who would you hire for such job titles as a systems admin, network admin or network technician more likely without job experience? 

    a)  Person with a network technology certificate from a community college, in either
    microsoft, cisco or both perhaps?

    b)  Person with the a network technology  90 credit degree from a community college with

    both microsoft and cisco training?

    c)  Person with one of the above choices and two certifications such as mcse, mcts, mctip or CCNA?

    d) Person with a BS degree in computer science?


    12) Which msft certifications do you think is the most important and least important?  and

        What skills or experience do you think is most important?  Back Office, SQL, Linux for





    Saturday, June 5, 2010 1:57 AM

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