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  • Hello everyone!
    I've just updated my Windows 7 to W10, overall I am liking the OS, but the new Start menu it's bugged to me. I'll try to explain the best I can. I would add screenshots to help, but I can't, so starting from ground zero.

    I pin an app/function to start menu. Regardless what type it is, they all show that bug. The Live Tile doesn't work, I know not all apps support the Live Tiles, but the ones that do, doesn't work. Clicking on them opens the respective app/function. However, after trying to unpin it from the start menu, nothing happens. If I click and unpin, the app remains there, but after right-clicking again, the option has changed to "pin to start", meaning the command to remove was received, yet not executed. Waiting shows no result. It just stays there, clicking on it opens the app normally. Pinning and unpinning again gets no results too. And then it gets weird.

    If I turn on the option of "fullscreen start", nothing happens either. The menu will stay normally, as if I didn't had changed this option. After hours ofmessing around I've found something that brings a result though. Dragging the tile a folder above (or below) forces the changes made to occur. If I've had several tiles (they all show this bug) moving a single one a folder up or down haves this effect. And the Start menu toggles to fullscreen mode. If I don't add anything else to the Start menu, toggling it from fullscreen to regular and vice versa works instantly.

    This happens everytime, every tile I add. Apps, windows functions, shortcuts, games, they all can be pinned, but the Live Tile doesn't work, and unpinning them causes things to go weird.

    I'd like to know if there's a fix to that, otherwise, I'll roll back to Windows 7 while I still can (since you have a month after updating to do that).

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  • Hello,

    The MSDN, TechNet and Expression Library Feedback forum is to "Help improve the Library Experience in MSDN, TechNet and Expression by providing feedback on features, bugs, look and feel or by just providing suggestions". This is not a support forum.

    I'd ask in the Windows 10 Community forum on Microsoft Community.

    As the Microsoft Community is on a different platform, we cannot move the question for you.

    Once there, click on Participate near the top of the screen, and select 'Ask a Question' or 'Start a Discussion'


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