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  • Howdy folks,

    I'm writing this just after taking my exam, 70-410. (644, so fail)
    Seeing it is a fail and i'm not really new to the microsoft scene, i do company migrations etc and been doing it for years.

    For the exam, i've done the most things anyone would do:

    - Get the Microsoft book for the Exam and go thru it.
    - See what you are not so good at and repeat it and test it in labs.
    - Brush up on Powershell, did the virtual acadamy for the basics, jumpstart series.

    After my exam, fail.. what i noticed during the exam and annoys me to death:

    - Subnetting, hellow microsoft, if i want to be a great subnetter en supernetter i will take the CCNA of Cisco. In real life we get those info's from the network guys. If not google, subnetting tools etc, you'll find it, stop re-inventing the wheel..
    - What powershell Cmdlet would you use to do this.... the creator of powershell says: "Remember NOTHING we spend ages optimizing the Get-Help or Get-Command functions and building a whole friggn' ISE, because powershell is to big to memorize." i can't stress this enough, STOP this, give an ISE and let your students MAKE the Cmdlet.
    - Calculator in the exam, c'mon, not even an advanced calculator for subnetting.....???

    So Microsoft, i hope you will do something about this crap because, c'mon your books are basic, use trainsignal, pluralsight or cbtnuggets, virtual labs and in the end you hang the result of an exam on what powershell Cmdlet you would use???

    Kind regards,

    Someone who will think 3 times of the value of your certifications.

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  • It's a common complaint that the exams contain questions that are not "real life" or they are unfair, such as memorizing a PS cmdlet for doing a certain task when you'd normally just look it up or make your own.

    Agreed! However, you still need to pass this exam.

    Write down everything you can remember in the exam that gave you problems. Spend at least an hour doing this. Then study up and write notes on all those topics, then take it again within a couple weeks.

    It's a "brute force" method but it will help you answer those difficult (unfair?) questions and help you put this exam behind you.

    Microsoft knows their exams are hard and expects you to retake them when you fail. Even Microsoft employees fail exams and retake them. I've failed my share but thankfully there is no record of my failed exams available anywhere - just the exams I have passed.

    It bites, I know.

    Good luck.

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Thursday, February 5, 2015 2:46 PM
  • Well, to be honest i expected a microsoft exam to more like this: You get companyA.com, create a DC, DHCP, AD and user this and that, here is a virtual lab, do it.

    This feels like beeing in school and remember how much we held in our brains of that, cramp it in and once out the door hit "del" key..

    That the exams are unfair: the powershell bit is way over the top, powershell's it's purpose is to automate things.
    I've written powershell sripts to complete install and configure whole DC's, DHCP even Active directory AGDLP structure.

    What i would really want is that microsoft sees their errors and change this thing at once, it's a disgrace to call this a certificate..

    And about passing the exam, i will dicuss this with management, my cv has enough big projects on it so a certificate vs a company you can call and ask how it was...

    Thursday, February 5, 2015 3:00 PM