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    Flash Presentation technology is a fully-fledged subject which allows people to create vivid and interactive animations and videos into web pages. Since the last few years of the last century, it has become one of the most impressive ways of presentation and interaction through the Internet.

    Why Flash presentation

    Here are several reasons why Flash presentation goes popular. Firstly, Flash-based presentation allows people to join and manipulate the video by controlling the interactive objects during the video play, breaking the mode of traditional media which goes in one way communication.

    Then it has the maximum support to different computer operation systems since it’s uaually embedded into Websites, so people don’t need specific program to watch it online under different operation systems.

    The third point is that it’s originally designed as a highly compressive file format yet in high image quality, so it’s rather easy to spread through the Internet compared with those video files in hundreds of megabytes.

    Application of Flash presentation

    With no limitation of publishing and free to storage, Flash presentation has been widely used in many industries like education, training, online marketing and entertainment. Let’s explore the most common ways of using Flash Presentation.

    Flash presentation for teaching

    Teachers who devote to distance education might have their students all over the world, so they have to upload their courseware online. In that case, you must find an alternative to share your lessons. Convert your PowerPoint courseware into Flash-based presentation video might be the proper solution. It reproduces your lessons as a Flash movie perfectly so not only your students but also people all over the world can watch your video lessons, making your knowledge wildly spread accompanied reputation.

    Flash presentation for training

    Companies always have training for new employees. As the leader of company, you will find quite effective and time-saving by letting them watch video presentation in Flash than hold the duplicate lesson for every new employee. It’s also convenient to make backups for training courses so they can be available any time in future.

    Marketing Flash presentation online

    Since Flash-based file is small, interactive and can be easily embedded into Websites, many webmasters create their homepage banners in Flash files. Some of them make advertisements to introduce products or do brand publicity to seize their potential customers, too. The more popular way to use Flash presentation is that huge numbers of bloggers record their tutorials or demos in Flash files and publish on their blogs, driving huge traffics and benefits directly.

    Entertainment by using Flash presentation

    Flash presentation doesn’t only bring advantages to education and busines, but now people are finding many creative ways to maximize the benefits of it. Electronic card (short for e-card) is one of the most typical outcomes that people send wishes to others through Internet. E-cards are practical, easy to make, and even free. You can also find that the Flash videos have become common elements in our daily life like presentation in the plaza, photo slideshow in family party and so on.

    How to make Flash presentation

    There’re several ways for making different types of Flash-based presentations and other uses. Each way directs towards to one kind of specific users. You can pick up the most proper one according to your needs and requests.

    Adobe Flash

    The most professional Flash making software which allows you to create interactive Flash movie and animations. It’s a must have for Web designers and Flash programmers.

    PPT2Flash Pro

    A PowerPoint to Flash converter which makes it easy to create flash presentation from PowerPoint. It's the world's leading add-on converting software to enhance your PowerPoint presentation and publish your Flash presentation videos with no specific programming skill.

    Screen recorders

    This is the software which record what you can see on your computer screen. Some of them are open source like Camstudio, regarding those provide comprehensive video editing features like DemoCreator.


    Flash Presentation can regarded as another kind of visual resource but more interactive and easier to spread. With the advance in PowerPoint converting technologies, making a knockout Flash video is not exclusive anymore. Once getting familiar with PowerPoint, you can generate your own Flash video within minutes.

    Learn more detail from: http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash/article/make-flash-presentation.html   Wondershare PowerPoint to Video converter

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