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    Hello There, I have a standard deployment of OCS 2007 with standard edition of two

    servers, one Front-end and one consolidated edge.  I wanted to confirm whether am i

    going in the right direction in order to achieve the goal of internal and external users

    able to have presence, IM, A/V and Live Meeting.

    Front-end Server has internal interface that has the certificate attached to it.
    Consolidated edge has two interfaces, internal and external.  Internal interface has

    private ip address and has a certificate attached to it.  external interface has three

    public ip addresses that are assigned to each server role and three certificates are

    assigned to that interface, one each for every role.

    Question:  Are three public ip addresses (NATed or Direct) really a requirement to

    achieve such a goal or single public ip address can also do the job.  Also, all of these

    ip addresses should support voice from ISP end or only one ip address with voice support

    that is configured with av edge is required.

    i have set  it up and my internal able are using presence, IM, A/V through communicator

    and are also working fine with multiparty IM, A/V as well.  They can also do Live

    Meeting and it works like a charm.  My external users can use only Presence and IM.

    Question:  They are not able to make A/V calls using communicator.  The call disconnecs

    up in 10-15 seconds without connecting.

    However, external clients can easily make im, a/v calls through communicator among

    themselves that is external client to external client, but same  is not working for

    external and internal user.

    Question:  Live Meeting is also not working for external users with internal users as i

    dont have External URL Web Farm FQDN setup.  I did not created the external pool urls

    during deploy server wizard during installation.   After a week of searching, I am still

    not able to solve my issue.  I followed microsoft knowledgbase whcih has two solultions,

    but to no avail.  Both solutions have failed.  Solution 1 does not make any difference

    while solution two which says to create External URL Web Farm through LCSCMD fails by

    returining this error

    ERROR (0xC3EC7814): Pool is not ready.

    and there is not much available on ther internet to diagnose this problem and get it

    working.  one of threads marked with answer is not working for me as it says to delete

    GUID of old installation and try it again.  But, since it is a new installatoin, this

    does not really apply to me.  I am referrin to the Shijaz Abdullahs answer.

    Question:  is reverse proxy really a requirement to allow external users to use live

    meeting or it will work without it for instance if i dont have a requirement of sharing

    applicatoins, etc.

    Prompt reply is appreaciated.  Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, March 26, 2009 1:20 AM

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  • The reverse proxy is not a requirement as it only limits some features for external clients (Address Book download, group expansion, and some content sharing in web conferencing).

    Do you have an external DNS record published for the Web Conferencing Edge server?  And is it externally authenticated users or external anounymous users (or both) which are not able to join conferences?
    Jeff Schertz, PointBridge | MVP | MCITP: Enterprise Messaging | MCTS: OCS
    Thursday, March 26, 2009 2:11 PM