GPS Trail causes problems, loss of position RRS feed

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  • My MSST 2010 had a problem when using the 'GPS Trail'.  It caused the screen to blink and lose position during a route.  Not good in an unfamiliar city.  I contacted MS and was told it was a known bug with no fix until the next release, which is 2013.  So now I have 2013 and still have the same issue.  If I load 25 POI's on the map and click 'OPTIMIZE STOPS' and then 'GET DIRECTIONS' I get the route planned.  If I turn on  GPS TRACK (breadcrumb trail) and zoom on the route, the screen starts to blink and loses position for about 15 seconds or just freezes.  Not good in busy city traffic.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomena and know of a fix?  Turning off the breadcrumb trail is not an option, it's why I use MSST.   I'm using a Microsoft USB GPS 'stick'. 
    Monday, January 21, 2013 1:31 AM