what gives Microsoft the right to force installing of update assistent RRS feed

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  • been in IT for many years - but never seen a so agressive apps that the "update Assistent" it makes windows10 useless

    it react like a virus - that popups and clame to protect you - just like a criminel virus would - but in this case it is according to Microsoft install to protect you information

    but protect agins what ??? - what is so importent that MS forces you to stop all your work - and you can not do anything until you accept this force !!!!

    it seem like if a autodealer - jumps in your car and force to drive to where he/she wants to go and not where you need to go

    first of all I pay a lot of money - then Im forced to give away my private info to Microsoft


    Sunday, January 28, 2018 12:05 PM