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  • Vista Home Premium (32 bit), SnycToy 2.1

    I have been trying to set up a daily automated local sync using the Task Scheduler and SyncToy.  I have set up a task in Task Scheduler as per the SyncToy instructions.  I am using the command line option (..SyncToyCmd.exe" -R) option to batch all folder pairs.  I can run the sync on demand successfully, but the scheduled sync won't run. 

    • The task is enabled.
    • I have selectd the "Run with highest privileges" option
    • There are no conditions set
    • I am the only user on this computer and I am the administrator.  The computer has a password. 

    When the scheduled time passes, the "Next Run Time" resets to the following day, but the sync doesn't run and there are no errors generated.  It appears as if it ran but the cmd window doesn't pop up (as it does when run on demand) and files aren't synced.  Nothing happens.

    As a test, I chose to schedule using the ...SyncToy.exe file (without the -R) arguement, and the scheduler will sucessfully launch the program, but of course, doesn't sync.

    Any ideas of why Task Scheduler isn't running the ...SyncToyCmd.exe as scheduled?  Any help would be appreciated.


    Thursday, December 9, 2010 9:03 PM

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  • After searching for solutions myself without luck I have decided to work on this and post what worked for me on several PCs, I have been able to get this working on PCs that did not work before. The issues would be simular to what you describe above or it would error with "cannot find the "share" and would close the cmd window in the blink of an eye. Skip to the highlighted area first to see if it works. If not, then you may need to start at step 1. I hope this helps:

    Windows 7 and Vista sync to a network share by scheduled task fix:

    If corruption suspected or previous version exists:

    1.       Manually Sync all folder pairs in preparation for following

    2.       Remove Synctoy

    3.       Remove .net framework 4 client profile maintenance

    4.       Remove MS Sync Framework 2.0 core components

    5.       Remove MS Sync Framework 2.0 Provider Services

    6.       Delete Syctoy .dat files in root of user accounts. These are hidden.

    7.       Delete Synctoy folder in user account appdata

    8.       restart

    9.       Rename destination network folder in folder pair to something other than desired target name

    10.   Delete Synctoy .dat files in old destination network folder of folder pair

    11.   On PC, map drive by: \\ IP address\share\new empty folder pair name

    12.   Restart to be sure mapping sticks on restart

    13.   Create new empty folder for destination and new folder pair

    14.   Reinstall Synctoy in user account holding folders to be synced according to best practice

    15.   restart

    16.   Create new folder pair

    a.       Folder to be synced

    b.      New Destination folder on network found in mapped drive

    c.       Set to echo for first sync

    d.      Exclude hidden and system files

    e.      Do not save overwritten files to recycle bin

    17.   Preview to test but do not sync

    18.   Create new scheduled task (note: if the error is that the network folder cannot be found running under cmd.exe, but runs fine under the GUI, this is where your issue lies):

    a.       Be sure the author is the local PC account with admin permissions under the account that SyncToy was installed, folder pair created, logged in for running

    b.      Do not select run with highest privilege

    c.       Leave default selection for configure for Vista/Server 2008

    d.      Be sure application compatibility has not been changed on the SyncToyCMD.exe to run under Windows XP service pack 3 or run as administrator. Leave all of this alone.

    19.   Run scheduled task to test and allow it to complete

    20.   Run GUI to test

    Note: Do not skip full reboots

    Do not do initial Sync over wireless

    If this does not work, you may have a dependent service that is disabled or a network path that is too long. Check services for:

    1.       SyncToy

    2.       Scheduled Tasks

    3.       .Net

    4.       Networking

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