Outlook Functionality and Server-Side Synchronization RRS feed

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  • We're hoping to be able to fully utilize the Server Side Synchronization feature of CRM 2013 within our soon-to-be-ready release. Everything is currently synchronizing and moving properly in either direction, but we've run into a bug that is pretty annoying as it kind of defeats the purpose of the plugin.  Scenario and explanation below:

    So TestCRM2 sends an email to Joe Contact and manually tracks it against the account he is associated with, Joe's Account.  The email sends, Joe receives it, and it's tracked in both CRM and Outlook.  One piece of functionality that TestCRM2 likes is the fact that you can open a tracked email in Outlook, bring up the Dynamics CRM data at the bottom, and open any record related to that email (contact, account, sender).

    That's not exactly what's happening right now though.  So TestCRM2 sends an email to Joe Contact regarding his account, Joe's Account; this email is tracked in Outlook and CRM properly.  Joe Contact then replies to TestCRM2 and the email hits Outlook just fine and even tracks to Joe's Account and Joe Contact when CRM picks it up.  However, the problem is that this email has no CRM data available on itself from within Outlook.  So now TestCRM2 has to dig through Outlook to get to the records associated.

    Is there any way that CRM and/or Outlook can be configure to properly track replies to any CRM emails?  Yes, we have a tagline in there (CRM:423890, like that), but it's just not working.  

    Thursday, September 4, 2014 7:07 PM