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  • I have Live Mesh installed (2011 essentials install, not the Live Beta) on my laptop and on my desktop. Both are running Windows 7 and both are admin accounts.

    From my desktop I can connect to my laptop without any problems. From my laptop, i can connect to my desktop and see the login screen. Clicking on my main desktop account will cause it to give a "Can't connect to this computer" error. However, when I attempt to connect with a secondary account (also admin) on my desktop, it goes through just fine.

    My main account has all of my programs (Office, Steam, Microsoft Security Essentials, PDANet, uTorrent, etc). The secondary account has pretty much nothing running in the background as I never really use it.

    I can only suspect some kind of background application is preventing Live Mesh to work, but what exactly? Or is it something else? I havent been able to narrow it down.

    Sunday, October 17, 2010 9:25 PM

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