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    While it's fine to impose the MS suggested backup types/locations with default options, it's ridiculous not to allow me to specify differently. Quite simply, backup software should give me at a minimum the ability to specify a path and extensions to backup with limitation.

    The excluded file types in 2.0 would be fine as default options, but with no way to enable backup of those types? I do in fact have reason to back up those file types, especially .db and .exe. Why would you update the software to prevent me from doing so? No backing up Program Files? Really? I understand the logic that the software should be reinstalled, however several applications store other data there as well (game saves, configuration, profiles, logs).

    It's our data, and our disk space. Give us the ability to back it up.

    Worse, it causes a tremendous amount of wasted space on my backup drive by excluding files. OneCare is not smart enough, nor should it be expected to be, to recognize that by excluding one file from a path (.db for instance) that backing up the rest of the path is useless. I can think of multiple cases where backing up a path, but neglecting to back up certain files in that path, means you have wasted space by backing up files which can never be properly used again without the missing files.

    Enable a default Microsoft, but do not make that default the only option we have.

    Automated backups of this limited nature are already included in Vista, as is automated defragmentation, Windows Defender, and Automatic Updates. OneCare provided only two things above the base OS, virus scanning and backup. I hope to see that virus scanning come a long way, but at this point there is no compelling reson to choose it over more established products based solely on its own merit. The backup is now so limited, that while it's marginally better than nothing, most people will need to look at buying a separate software solution for it.

    Monday, March 24, 2008 11:08 PM